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A magical place for those who love original and fun designs with an unusual twist. At Loud by Terrisa, we offer one of kind original surface pattern designs, digital art & fashion illustrations .

My Surface Design Lookbook 👉

loud by terrisa surface pattern design and illustration lookbook by terrisa chen

As a life style brand, Loud by Terrisa stands for self- expression, variety and equality. The brand’s color palette, pattern collection and illustrations are dreamy yet clear, delicate yet firm, chic yet playful. From textile to home decor, each design is inspired by stories and dreams. The brand’s motto is “Bring your dream into reality”, which intends to encourage people to live for their dreams and embrace their identity.

I’m a designer and artist , the founder of Loud By Terrisa, based in Brooklyn, New York. I am passionate about everything beautiful with a bit of mischief and an irregular touch. I appreciate the unique beauty in all beings and I believe imperfection is the most perfect.

I love to use real life stories and experiences as my inspiration, developing them into one of a kind designs and digital art to make a statement.

I want to invite you to this wonderful journey to unlock all the possibilities in digital design with me!

Surface Pattern Design Collections

Loud by Terrisa studio creates surface pattern designs for a broad range of products, From fabric to home decor to packaging , each of our collections is dedicated to provide fascinating stories and unique experience in the surface pattern design world.

We offer both the options to purchase or license.

Surface Pattern Design Collections 👉

zen jungle surface pattern design by terrisa chen

Surface Pattern Licensing & Collaboration 🤝

Illustration & Digital Fashion Design

Loud by Terrisa studio creates customized fashion illustration art as well as digital designs for brands and individuals.

Fashion Illustration & Digital Design Collections 👉

fashion illustration loud by terrisa

Illustration Licensing & Collaboration🤝